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Ep. 36: "Daytripper"

Ep. 36: "Daytripper"

While Mike is away, JoT drops its hard façade and contemplates romance, family, friendship, life, and the repeated deaths of Brás de Oliva Domingos in Daytripper, Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá's magical realist exploration of what it means to be alive. We'll follow Brás as he struggles to escape his father's shadow, writing obituaries to pay the bills while dreaming of being a novelist. And dying brutally at the end of each issue. Davis and Desi sink there teeth into this thick steak of a trade that seeks to shed light on what it is to grow up and grow old.

Start-6:34 - Intro + Trade/Author Background
6:34-13:30 - Story Recap
13:30 - End - Trade Discussion

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We have bid a limited-ado to our wonderful co-host, Mike. Luckily he is not truly gone: Mike will be contributing blogs and popping in for some episodes when available, but for the next few months Jacks of Trades will continue under a new format with Greg, Davis, and Dezi at the helm.

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Reviewers: Davis Callais, Daniel Desimone

Recording: Greg Tilton

Editing: Greg Tilton

Intro Theme: Joshua Leblanc

"The Killing Joke" [Special Re-Release]

"The Killing Joke" [Special Re-Release]

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