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Ep. 31: "Halo: Fall of Reach" w/ 410wned!

Ep. 31: "Halo: Fall of Reach" w/ 410wned!

We’re joined by (I don’t remember their names) of the video game podcast 410wned to talk all things Halo: Fall of Reach. The story of Reach has been told by novel, comic book, television show, and video game. What is it about this story that makes it so compelling and what does this story mean to Halo fans? We had a ton of fun getting a little out of our comic wheelhouse in this one.

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Warning: We will be reviewing the book in excruciating detail. If you have not read it and want to, please read the book (and/or check out a previous episode) before listening to this episode. If you want to know what happens without reading it, then let it ride!

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Reviewers: Mike Durette, Davis Callais, 410wned

Recording: Greg Tilton

Editing: Cody Jumper

Intro Theme: Joshua Leblanc

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